Hardwood Flooring in Lafayette, LA

Few things evoke a sense of rustic elegance as well as The Floor Trader’s selection of hardwood flooring in Lafayette, LA. At our local flooring store, we provide customers with numerous hardwood flooring options to meet their lifestyle and budget needs. No matter what type of décor your home is adorned with, you can find the perfect product to complement it in our showroom. Our team is dedicated to your success and stands ready to guide you every step of the way. Visit our Lafayette, LA, showroom today to start your hardwood flooring remodel today!

rich hardwood floors in a dining area with a cozy breakfast nook

Types of Hardwood Floors Available

At our Lafayette, LA, flooring store, we make a point to offer a variety of hardwood styles that keep up with new trends as well as timeless classics. However, not all hardwood flooring is created equal. Our flooring experts will take the time to understand your personal needs to find the perfect type of hardwood flooring for you. We offer the following types of hardwood floors:

  • Solid Wood Flooring - As its name suggests, this type of flooring is solid wood through and through. Its beauty and strength are just some of the reasons customers choose solid wood. In addition, it can increase the overall value of your home and be sanded down and refinished multiple times over its long lifespan. 
  • Engineered Wood Flooring - Due to Louisiana’s humid environment, we highly recommend choosing engineered wood flooring. This is composed of durable layers fused together with a thin veneer of real wood. This prevents expansion and contraction due to moisture levels, offering a more reliable and stress-free option for Lafayette homeowners. 

Why Choose Hardwood Flooring for Your Lousiana Home?

Hardwood has been a go-to product for home flooring for hundreds of years. Its sturdy feel underfoot and elegant look can provide you with a variety of both functional and aesthetic benefits. Depend on us for all your hardwood flooring needs with products from leading hardwood brands, including Harris, Baroque, Prestige, and Johnson. Discover some of the reasons why customers choose hardwood flooring for their Louisiana homes:

  • Hardwood floors are built to last for decades, and even when they start to show signs of wear and tear, they are easily sanded down and refinished. 
  • This flooring choice will stand the test of time, even in high-traffic areas.
  • If you ever decide to sell your house, hardwood floors will give you the ability to command a better price. 
  • Installation is quick and efficient with our professional contractors. 
  • Simple to maintain with a proper care routine.
  • Engineered wood performs exceptionally well in high-moisture environments.
  • Endless design opportunities that up the appeal of any room in the home. 
  • Eco-friendly hardwood floors promote better air quality in your home.
  • With protective finishes, stains, and spills can easily be wiped away without any worry

hardwood flooring in a living room

Hardwood Flooring Selection Made Easy

As always, if you need extra guidance do not hesitate to reach out to our friendly flooring specialists. We have extensive knowledge of each of our products and can guide you toward the proper choice for your design goals, budget needs, current space, and functional needs. Whether you are remodeling your entire home with hardwood floors, or simply updating your living room floors, we have solutions for any size project. Choose from the warm tones of cherry, a breezy white oak, or anything in between. At The Floor Trader, we strive to make stylish hardwood flooring accessible to customers with any budget. We are happy to offer advice and answer all your flooring questions when you visit our local Lafayette showroom!

Rely on Experts for a Quality Hardwood Flooring Installation

If you are ready to add hardwood flooring to your home, The Floor Trader is here to help. After you pick out the perfect wood floors, it's time for an installation. While some of our skilled customers opt to DIY their hardwood flooring installation, we highly recommend utilizing our trusted local contractors. Hardwood floors require proper acclimation, subfloor preparation, and plank selections for an artful and sturdy installation job.

When you choose a professional installation, you ensure long-lasting beauty and durability. We connect you with a list of reliable and affordable hardwood flooring installers who get the job done right the first time—all on a schedule convenient to you. Depend on us for a swift remodel so you can start living on your gorgeous new hardwood floors!

Contact us today to learn more about our hardwood flooring options! We are proud to serve Lafayette, LA, and the surrounding areas.