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Carpet in Lafayette, LA


Want to give your home a touch of local charm and cozy comfort? Look no further than The Floor Trader in Lafayette, LA, for all your carpet flooring needs. We’re the go-to carpet store in town, and we take pride in helping you find the perfect carpet for your house.


Step into our flooring store, and you’ll be greeted with a wide variety of carpet products that will instantly elevate the look and feel of your home. From plush carpets for your bedroom retreat to warm and inviting options for your living room, we’ve got you covered. No matter your home’s unique decor and color scheme, rest assured, that you’ll discover the ideal carpet style that complements your space perfectly at The Floor Trader.


As locals, we understand the vibe and style that suits Lafayette homes best, and we’re here to help guide you. Our skilled and experienced team will gladly assist you in selecting the carpet that best matches your needs and preferences. So, why wait? Come on down to our showroom in Lafayette, LA, and let’s make your home even cozier with our fantastic carpet choices.


End of Story Premium carpet in Bedroom


Types of Carpet


Whether you need a tough carpet that holds up to pets and kids or want to make a statement with an eye-catching pattern, we carry many carpet types to choose from. When making the investment in new floors, we help you decide on the carpet texture, pattern, color, and cut that best suits your home’s demands. Learn more about our carpet selection:


  • Berber is a unique carpet style with a soft and cushioned feeling underfoot. Berber carpets can be found in many different pile heights and can be constructed as multi-level or level-loop carpets. The natural strength and ability to hide dirt and debris in high-traffic areas make Berber carpets one of the market’s most versatile and popular carpeting. 
  • Frieze carpets offer a plush feeling when you walk on them. It is well known for being silky and smooth to the touch and for its resiliency against stains and dirt. With its knotted appearance, this carpet can bring great texture to your home. 
  • Loop carpets are made of uncut looped fibers, offering a surface level typically woven or tufted. Cut-loop carpets are made of fibers that are straight and have been cut. This design gives cut-loop carpets a snag-free consistency that is desired for pet- and kid-friendly homes. These styles offer a homey, casual look that quickly hides imprints.
  • Patterned carpets make fantastic statement pieces for your home and will leave any guest in awe. Patterns on carpets are created using a process similar to printing on paper, such as flatbed or rotary screen printing. This is an excellent option if you want to add a bold and beautiful pattern to your room.
  • Saxony carpets are a luxurious option resistant to shading, wear, and traffic marks. Saxony carpets are cut-pile carpets that add an opulent feel to any space.


Carpet Tiles for Commercial Projects


In Lafayette, where commercial spaces thrive, carpet tiles emerge as the ideal flooring solution. Their versatility and ease of installation make them a top choice for businesses with heavy foot traffic. Our selection of modern carpet tiles boasts durability, ensuring they can withstand the constant hustle and bustle of high-traffic areas.


One significant benefit of carpet tiles is their natural sound absorption, creating a quieter and more pleasant atmosphere for all within your commercial property. At The Floor Trader, we take pride in offering premium carpet tiles that cater to businesses of all sizes. Whether you run a small office or a bustling company with hundreds of employees, our dedicated flooring experts are ready to handle your carpet installation needs with precision and care. Let us transform your Lafayette commercial space into a functional and aesthetically pleasing environment that leaves a lasting impression on clients and employees alike.


The Many Benefits of Carpet


Carpet offers a multitude of benefits that make it a popular choice for homes and businesses in Lafayette, LA. Let’s learn about these amazing benefits:


  • Unparalleled warmth and coziness, creating an inviting atmosphere welcoming to all.
  • Soft and cushioned surface, offering comfort underfoot and acting as a safety feature by significantly reducing the risk of slips, trips, and falls, especially crucial in high-traffic areas or homes with kids or elderly individuals.
  • A wide range of colors, patterns, and textures are available, empowering homeowners and businesses to curate their spaces with unique and personalized aesthetics that perfectly align with their style and decor preferences.
  • Sound absorption capabilities contribute to creating a quieter and more serene environment, a particularly valuable benefit for bustling commercial settings, promoting productivity and a peaceful atmosphere.
  • Easy maintenance, requiring only regular vacuuming and the occasional professional cleaning to keep carpets looking fresh and vibrant for years, offering a hassle-free flooring solution.


Professional Carpet Installation


When it comes to installing new carpets, you want to ensure you work with installers that do the job right the first time. Professionally installed floors require precise measurements and cuts to make them look right. Our priority is to help you save as much money as possible without sacrificing quality. Once you select and purchase your carpet, consider choosing a professional installation team from our network to complete the job. The Floor Trader of Lafayette can refer you to a list of installers in the area that will ensure your floor plan looks amazing and lasts for years. You’ll never face hidden costs when you receive a formal written quote from one of our referrals. Don’t stress over the hassle of DIY installation when you can let an expert work around your schedule for a smooth process from start to finish.

Contact us to learn more about our carpet selection. We proudly serve customers in Lafayette, LA, and the surrounding communities.